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  • The indo-european river

    My HD crashed, I had to redo my atlantean maps. So why not redoing it incorporating topographic datas.
    I could spend hours gazing on what they mean. Just one thing to put here, it points at the indo-european river, why there is a indo-european language,...
    the Red Sea would be a human made canal,...

  • Philosophy is scientific

    Philo as the filiation you have to your ancestry. The umbilical chord physically linking every mother together without us knowing their name. The patronym that links directly from father to father to the first man to take this name. In Iliados, if the Acheans call themselves philos, it is because they are all linked by blood. Even troyans are cousins...

    Sophy as knowledge. To acquire knowledge is to experiment. If I am to say that boiling water burns, to know what I mean, you need to know what is boiling water and what is burning. You won't learn these in a book, but by experience. The book may instruct, but you need a personal commitment to comPREHEND.

    To attach oneself to knowledge as a parent, this is what a scientific is. For humans, knowledge may be divided in two : acquisition and diffusion.

    To acquire knowledge, you base yourself on theories. In principle, any theory is valid until disproved, not the other way around (which is a media trick). It is the proper way to go, but not the conventional. When confronted with a new theory, you have to see if you can disprove it with facts (I saw it on TV is not a fact), as long as you can't you will have to consider the theory possible.

    Traditionally, science has been the territory of priests, shamans, druids, sophists,... regardless what history books may say. They constantly play on words, but words have a life of their own : religion is not a dogma, it is how you control your own head; philosophy is not a way of life, it is attachment to learning;...
    When a shaman (or priest, or druid, or teacher,...) is seeking knowledge, he will have to experiment. It doesn't put food on the table, the community will have to feed him. In return, when a member of the community has a question, the shaman will be the one most likely to have an answer or where to seek it. Enters here the notion of trust...
    For many months, the community toils the soil, raises the kids, prepares meals, builds shelters. Meanwhile, you have this lone individual playing with two sticks. When the season arrives to an end, the community is tired, but the work is done. The shaman is still fresh as a rose. But then, he can tell all the community what can be done with these two sticks: fire leading to metallurgy, tracking of time, music, geometry,... the possibilities are endless. For the community's immense profit.
    But, if his intentions where unpure, the shaman could invent properties for his sticks, no one will have the time and resources to check. "They are magic sticks". It is as easy to play with words as it is with sticks...

  • Food for thoughts

    Aryan is from the land.

    Two ideas to search: "soc & bocage" and the standing stones known as menhir (men and rock often use the same word, as in Pierre).

    Little page on how it relates to the corporate schemes. Same with the lands, they pretend ownership and they lease.

    The root of all evil :P

  • Protocols of elders' noiz

    Some words to ponder about, far from all this media noiz

    Race is root, you own root, to study your race is to dig within, to further your race is to have offsprings, 6 the minimum to have an impact. No race mixing means only mating with your brothers and sisters, it means incest. But you have to choose with which you want to mix, if you do so desire. To renew generations as a whole, 1 in 4 needs the 6 children.

    Nobility is those knowing their roots and basing their lives on it since a lot of generations. Typically, the elders of elders of each line, those having the most immature parents, generation after generation, leading to a world of childishness.

    Elders, those making the noiz, blinded by demons and devils, in the traditional sense.

    demons as corporations, devils as those who lived

    noise (n.) Look up noise at
    early 13c., "loud outcry, clamor, shouting," from Old French noise "din, disturbance, uproar, brawl" (11c., in modern French only in phrase chercher noise "to pick a quarrel"), also "rumor, report, news," apparently from Latin nausea "disgust, annoyance, discomfort," literally "seasickness" (see nausea).

    Another theory traces the Old French word to Latin noxia "hurting, injury, damage." OED considers that "the sense of the word is against both suggestions," but nausea could have developed a sense in Vulgar Latin of "unpleasant situation, noise, quarrel" (cf. Old Provençal nauza "noise, quarrel"). Meaning "loud or unpleasant sound" is from c.1300. Replaced native gedyn (see din).


  • Corporations and concessions

    There are four elements in the physical world. In omeric and esiodic tales, they are represented by the four principal theos.
    Zeys represents ether
    Hra represents air or gas
    Poseidon represents water or liquid
    Aidos represents earth or solid

    With time, Aidos' name became Ploutos, riches. Hell is wealth.

    Some want to own. The physical world doesn't permit it, outside of your self. So they invent metaphysics and a moral world: the fantasy world of corporations. Corpses don't deal with the living, so they use your tacit agreement to make you endorse your own corporation (today, a number for most people). A physical person may endorse many corporations, conceded by contracts by other corporations.

    Owning is illusory, so is everything corporate. They write their rules as they go along, mixing legal and logic, faking language, news, history, even weather.

    This is expanded in further radio shows centering on my ancestors, thanks to Kyle, Mike and Lugh for the free speech opportunity  :D
    A Knyght's tale
    A Knight's tale pt2 - veterans
    A Knight's tale pt3 - cousins

    This, digging and reading records and now brewing takes time, but the rewards...

  • Atlanta, Prometheys and the flood

    For what is becoming a hefty serie :P

    Geophysics basics
    Poseidon Enosichthon
    Pragmatik dualities
    Geometry, geolocation and Atlantis
    Myths and riddles
    The hammer of şorZeus

    Already I posted a map of the Earth as viewed by Atlantis when it was the center of the world. Now to see what it looked like, what lands have been flooded, what lands have emerged. Already saw that Japan went out of the Arctic ice, already know about the Champlain sea covering the region where I live.

    So looking at topography, found a topographic layer for Google Earth. Also, noted a stupidity in a documentary about Atlantis. They were laughing at Plato for him writing that Atlantis was larger than Asia. Except that at the time and place of Plato, Asia was half of Turkey and it happens to be very precisely the size range of Atlantis. Bunch of clowns!

    A thanks to Heraclites (the not-obscure :P ). By him analysing Homer and Achilles' shield, he gave me the angle to look at things. The Earth was separated in 5 zones. Gold in the middle, too hot. Then 2 tin, temperate where we live for the most part. And bronze at the poles, too cold. You may notice we still have the gold part the Atlanteans had, when Australia was at the Equateur.

    For dynamics parts, assuming the gold zone has the most gravity and the tin zone the least.gravite
    Then this pressure shifts 30°, what is the difference in force the region gets
    And applying it to the map
    This is the basic grid to determine the regions that rose (negatives) and those that got flooded (positives). A very interesting thing are the zeros. The two points staying at the Equateur are zeros and lines are traced in the middle of positive and negative regions. And one of those lines happen to be the one I call e-line of Troy Myths and riddles

    A little drawing with the cues of my topographic map
    So you get Atlantis, Mu the land of the Maori, the Champlain sea, a lot more land in the Carribean, London below the water and what we call the Mediterranean sea is closed. Also, the Black and Caspian sea are almost one big lake, the Amazonian river is a lot larger, Greenland and Antarctica seem nice places to live,...

  • Logonomy

    Did a radio encore, enjoy!

    Expanding on the subject
    The deep deception of economy
    In the name of the law
    The law of the name

    Logos vs nomos

    To better grasp the difference between both, you may exercise the comparison between both.
    Where you have nomos, but not logos, as oiko-nomy (not ekonomy, rules of repetition, term crafted by the romans to designate the rules of putting words in a theater play). Rules of the household, no real logic here, rules will tend to accord to logos (an apologos rule has to be dismissed), but supper time to be at 6 or 7 is a decision, not a logic conclusion.
    Where you have logos, but not meaningful nomos, as astro-logy. You may discuss about the stars, but it is folly to think you may rule them, aside from naming them.
    Where you may have both, as metro-logy. You may discuss about measurements, relationship between them, as a meter long pendulum will oscillate every second. And you have to set rules, as everyone has to agree on the parameters to be able to use them, called conventions.

  • Crime & miss Demeanor

    As heresy (thinking for one self), crime is another spell used against us.

    What was striking was to read a modern book on the history of criminology and how the author was completely confused and simply couldn't define what a crime was.

    Case in point

    By studying the word in greek, you may come to realise that crime is in fact a dispute. More accurately, a dispute the parties involved cannot resolve. So, they resort to a mediator. And this definition is entirely in tune with the historical records. And in complete contradiction with TV propaganda of course.

    Crime is a state, they try to pass it for an act

  • Science, technology and copyrights

    In case you missed it, I did a radio appearance at Renegade Broadcasting

    If you followed a little, this image relates. There's always room for discoveries if one opens his eyes, learns to read and use all tools at his disposal. Here is what is amazing about this picture. By observation, I calculated the clouds to travel (in a natural environment) at my longitude 50km/h or ~1000km every day. So, just for fun, I estimate the circumference of my latitude. 5° gives 386½ km. There are 360°, so 360/5 = 72 times 5°, 72 * 386½ = 27828 km. A theoretical cloud, traveling 1000km in a day at my longitude, would travel around the Earth in 27,8 days, similar to the Moon.

    That is what science is about, relying on your senses to gather information. Then sharing it and discuss about it. That is what logos is about, encompassing science, discussion, law. A technology is what you know, you share, you discuss about, with pure intentions. It is not the comic book and TV version of building huge phallic gizmos. And it entirely contradicts the concept of copyrights. What is copyrighted is not freely shared, hence is not technology. More of a product of the counter culture, where they want to tax you also for breathing.

    Little link to ponder
    The first paragraph gives a hint of what science is about, the second is disinformation. (Always be weary of these three word names :P )

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